1. Amway Japan's position on personal information
Amway Japan G.K. (“Amway Japan,” “we,” “our” or “us”) respects all laws and regulations covering the handling of personal information as well as governmental guidelines and other norms, and we have established and put into practice a Personal Information Protection Policy* and a Personal Information Protection Management System in order to ensure our compliance.
*Please see the Personal Information Protection Policy posted on our websites (amway.co.jp or amwaylive.com).

2. What information is collected & retained
Through the use of our services and inquiries by the individuals who register as our ABOs, we collect and retain the information described below. This information includes not only information that we explicitly collects from individuals, but also information necessarily collected in the course of conducting Amway business (e.g. credits/debits against Amway Japan and business situation) as well as information that is collected indirectly (e.g. use of websites, official social media accounts, and applications operated and/or provided by Amway Japan as well as public information from government publications, such as official gazettes, and third-party discussions).
Additionally, please note that we may record telephone conversations to ensure accuracy.
(1) Information entered or stated when registering (including business nature change), such as name, date of birth, address, telephone number, fax number, email address, account number, and status of residence (for foreign nationals only), etc.
(2) Information about bonuses (e.g. monetary amount, PV/BV, payment timing, type, bonus details)
(3) Information about product orders/returns (e.g. products ordered, payment amount, delivery destination, order details)
(4) Information (such as address, telephone number, reasons for change or resignation) from the change procedure for a change of address, change procedure for adding/removing a partner, or resignation procedure (including business nature change)
(5) Information about the business situation (e.g. business results, qualification achievements, group situation, order situation, problems)
(6) Information collected by Amway Japan when contacting Amway Japan (for various applications, consultation, inquiries and etc.)
(7) Information obtained by Amway Japan at the time of credit card application and information about Amway credit, Amway cards, regular credit cards, and Yahoo! Wallet payment status
(8) Information about liabilities/obligations against Amway Japan (e.g. amounts of credits/debits, reasons for credits/debits, etc.)
(9) Information collected by us when the individuals register at a website operated by Amway Japan or when they post to official social media accounts (e.g. email address, account name, etc.).
(10) Information automatically collected by us when the individuals use website operated by Amway Japan, etc. (e.g. access logs described below, activity history of websites including cookies, etc.)
* We use cookies and similar technologies to collect usage information of certain websites, when users are accessing, browsing and using our website. Cookies are data files that are placed on the computer or mobile device of users when the computer or mobile device of users is used to visit a website. We do not allow third parties to place cookies on our website user’s device. Unless our website user log on to our services, such user’s cookie data is anonymous.
(11) Information collected by us as the individuals use a digital service provided by us or any of our affiliates located in a foreign country
(12) Video, photos, audio recordings taken at the time of qualification achievement recognition, during events, or provided by the individual
(13) Information necessary to run/arrange overseas incentive seminars (e.g. information needed for travel, such as name and passport number, etc. shown on passport/travel documents)
(14) Information recorded at organizations operated by our ABOs

3. How we use personal information
We may use the information listed in Section 2 above for the following purposes, either inside or outside of Japan:
(1) To provide products and services (e.g. to deliver products/publications, pay bonuses) to individuals associated with our transactions.
(2) To process the procedures necessary to carry out Amway business (e.g. international business, changing registered information, screening for registration and management of registration status, etc.)
(3) To provide information necessary to carry out Amway business (e.g. information about the business situation, information about product orders/returns, information about a group’s business situation), information about Amway products and promotions that we determine will be beneficial based on purchase history, or business follow-up.
(4) To provide information or communicate with the individual or someone connected to the group for the purpose of confirming the business situation, resolving a problem, compliance with Amway’s Code of Ethics and Rules of Conduct or encouraging business activity, irrespective of the membership registration status, to carry out Amway business, to the extent deemed necessary by Amway Japan.
(5) To publish or post information at various public media outlets or internally
(6) To record or manage requests for advice from the individual or a third party
(7) To delegate work to our contractors or business partners
(8) To share with our affiliates in a foreign country
(9) To conduct market research, data analysis, or surveys
(10) To arrange or run overseas incentive seminars or invitational seminars and events in Japan
(11) To record and analyze use of web sites operated by us, to offer campaigns via social media, and to administer our official accounts
(12) To offer campaigns on website owned by Amway Japan and on social media sites, and to administer our official accounts

4. Protecting personal information
We have obtained PrivacyMark certification and takes the necessary security measures to ensure that we are in compliance with all laws and regulations covering the handling of personal information as well as governmental guidelines and other norms. We also educate and enlighten management and employees (including temporary workers) about protecting personal information, and we make the utmost effort to control personal information.

5. Providing personal information to third parties
We provide personal information that we have collected and retain, whether inside or outside of Japan, either by mail or by using our own information systems or other means, as described below.
(1) Information provided to upline ABOs and downline ABOs as communications for the group follow-up necessary to carry out Amway business and the support for proper product usage.
(Substance of personal information provided)
Name, ABO number, address, telephone number, fax number, email address, date of birth, registration date, membership expiry date, order history, business volume (e.g. PV/BV, bonuses, qualifications) renewal status, status of promotions/services provided by Amway Japan, other business situation information, "Inquiry invoice No." on the invoice related to product delivery, product usage
* However, during a points compensation* period, the personal information associated with the relevant person or their downline ABOs will be provided to the relevant person’s original upline ABO. Additionally, during that time period the personal information associated with the relevant person or their downline ABOs may be provided to the relevant person’s current upline ABO.
* For information about the ”points compensation program” please refer to the Amway Code of Ethics and Rules of Conduct.
* In an international business, if there is an International Sponsor (IS) at an Amway Japan’s affiliate in a foreign country, information may also be provided to that affiliate or the IS’s upline ABO.
(2) To provide information to entities like domestic and foreign lodgings, transportation operators, travel agencies and others when arranging or running overseas incentive seminars or invitational seminars and events in Japan
(3) To provide information obtained by Amway Japan at the time of credit card application, information possessed by Amway Japan on the credit card applicant and, in case of suspected fraud, information about the credit card user as well as his/her usage status to a credit card company
(4) To provide to our business partners the information on individuals desiring to purchase or apply for products/services offered by such business partners.
(5) We may provide personal information without the individual’s consent under the following circumstances:
(a) When required by law or regulation
(b) When it is necessary to protect a person's life, physical person or property, but it is difficult to obtain the consent of the individual
(c) When it is especially necessary in order to improve public health or to promote child welfare, but it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person
(d) When it is necessary to cooperate with a national government agency or local governmental body, or a designee thereof, in discharging their legal duties, and when obtaining the individual's advance consent could impede the performance of such duties

6. Sharing personal information
We may share personal information that we collect and retain to the extent necessary for the intended purposes as described below.
(1) Types of personal information that may be shared: Types specified in Section 2.
(2) Parties with which information may be shared: Amway Japan affiliates in foreign countries, Amway Japan Foundation
(3) Users’ intended uses:
(a) To provide products and services
(b) To calculate bonuses in accordance with the Amway Sales & Marketing Plan
(c) To register & administer international businesses
(d) To resolve problems as necessary to carry out Amway business
(e) To conduct market research, data analysis, or surveys
(f) To access video, still images, and audio for business reporting and other purposes
(g) To manage data in the information systems of the Company and its affiliates
(h) For the Remember HOPE Tohoku Project
(i) For other intended purposes as specified in Section 3.
(4) Name of party responsible for controlling shared personal information: Amway Japan G.K.

7. Outsourcing personal information processing
We outsource the processing of personal information that we collect to outside vendors, either inside or outside of Japan, to carry out the intended purposes specified in Section 3 above and utilize the individual information appropriately and seamlessly, and these vendors are obligated maintain confidentiality pursuant to contracts executed with us. When outsourcing such work, we select vendors that meet the security measure standards established by us and our parent company, and along with executing outsourcing contracts that cover the protection of personal information, the level of protection is managed and supervised in an appropriate manner.

8. Disclosure requests
With respect to personal information held by us that is subject to disclosure, when an individual wants to receive a notice of intended purposes or a disclosure; or when he/she desires a correction/addition or deletion to the information; or when he/she wants to request that we stop using or delete such information, or stop providing such information to third parties, as a general rule we will accommodate such requests to the extent that it is reasonably possible if they are submitted using the prescribed form that has been completed by the individual himself/herself. For more information please use the contact listed below or refer to our company website (http://www.amway.co.jp/privacy/information/index.html).

9. Withholding consent
Personal information is provided at the individual’s discretion. If an individual declines to provide it, in some cases they may not be able to register (or renew) a ABO qualification.

10. Revisions
We may revise this document at our discretion or to comply with applicable laws and regulations. Please be sure to check the version of this document that is posted at amwaylive.com from time to time. Revisions may be made pursuant to the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, the Act on the Use of Numbers to Identify a Specific Individual in the Administrative Procedure, governmental guidelines and the Japanese Industrial Standard “Personal information protection management systems - Requirements” (JIS Q 15001) and other norms.

The “personal information protection manager” at Amway Japan is the Corporate Counsel in the Legal Department. For inquiries about how Amway Japan handles personal information, please contact us by the means listed below.

7-1 Udagawa cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Amway Japan G.K.
Advice hotline: 03-5860-7565, 0120-700-779

Amway Japan is affiliated with the following authorized personal information protection organization. When the involvement of a third party is necessary to resolve an issue concerning the handling of personal information, the point of contact is as shown below.

[Name of authorized personal information protection organization, contact for submitting complaints about the handling of personal information]
Japan Information Processing Development Center (JIPDEC)
Personal Information Protection Complaint and Advice Office
Roppongi First Building, 1-9-9 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032
03-5860-7565, 0120-700-779
*Please be aware that complaints about Amway products and services are not accepted through this channel.